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3 Mayıs 2011 Salı

Mens Health Belly Off Workout Body Weight Routine

Mens Health Belly Off Workout Body Weight Routine

Code: By Men’s Health Magazine, this mostly body-sculpting program requires no extra equipment (you’ll use your own body weight for resistance). It features gym-style supersets — three different exercises performed in a precise sequence, and then repeated.
There’s nothing fancy or hard to follow; you’ll re-shape your body with familiar exercises like push-ups, squats, mountain climbers and ab crunches. The ending aero/tone segment boosts fat-burning by blending short cardio “bursts” into the muscle toning exercises. David Jack is an exceptionally friendly and clear instructor. Includes easier and harder modifications. Note: They use a weight bench in one circuit, but a chair works fine.

The Belly Off! Workout: The Body Weight Routine, is the ultra-fast, super-easy way to lose pounds and supersize your strength, power and muscle mass. The Belly Off! Workout: The Body Weight Routine includes:

• The 2-Minute Drill: Eight heart-pumping exercises – only 15 seconds each!
• Body Weight Circuits: Rev up your heart rate and build muscle – no equipment needed!
• The Power of 10: Ten exercises for a time-saving, all-in-one cardio and strength workout.

Get started today with this fast, easy, ultra-effective workout from the trusted fitness experts at Men’s Health magazine!

Code: One click file hosting: Belly.Off.part1.rar One click file hosting: Belly.Off.part2.rar One click file hosting: Belly.Off.part3.rar One click file hosting: Belly.Off.part4.rar


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