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4 Mayıs 2011 Çarşamba

Advanced Yoga - Rodney Yee ile Gelişmiş Yoga

Advanced Yoga With Rodney Yee
English | 125 Mins | 720x544 | XviD | 23.976 949kbps | MP3 128kbps | 973MB
Genre: eLearning

Be present with Rodney Yee in 125 minutes of insight and immersion into how he practices at home. In this rare window on the private practice of America’s favorite yoga instructor, witness stunning footage of Rodney performing an advanced sequence based on his own personal routines.

2 DVDs — complete with Rodney’s voice instruction to guide your own practice — show you 3 full-length advanced practices to reveal new levels of power, intuition, ease and reward in your yoga and your life.

• Learn how to build up to and sequence intense arm balances, and trust yourself more in these challenging poses.
• Follow Rodney through a full sequence of hip openers to prepare the body for advanced moves.
• Evolve your practice on a deeper level as Rodney guides yogi Colleen Saidman in advanced pranayama practice.

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