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17 Mayıs 2011 Salı

Hollywood'un Hottest - Dört Egzersiz / Hollywood's Hottest - Four Workout

Hollywood's Hottest - Four Workout

Hollywood's Hottest - Four Workout | 1.74GB


Each workout progresses to a more difficult level by increasing the tempo of the music, the length of the workout, the amount of repetitions in each exercise, and the difficulty of the exercise. Each workout includes a warm up, Plie, Ballet, Waist, Cardio Barre Thighs, Upper Body, Abs Lower Back, Lower Body & Cool Down.

These are unique core-based exercises that combine barre work and light weights with continual fat-burning motion. Central to the workout are resistance and toning exercises for the butt, thighs torso and arms to sculpt muscles and elongate the body.

This DVD includes four workouts:
Intermediate, and

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