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28 Haziran 2011 Salı

Les Mills: Body Vive 2,4-13 - Master Class

Les Mills: Body Vive 2,4-13 - Master Class


Les Mills: Body Vive 24-13 - Master Class

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Genre: eLearning
BODYVIVE ? is a program of low-impact physical
on the human body, which allows you to choose the degree of occupancy time nagruzki.Vo
VIVE ?-used balls and VIVE ?-espandery.Shag-by-step through
a qualified instructor and inspiring music you will walk the entire course and
done with a sense of courage and strength of the charge.
BODYVIVE ? is especially suited for active people aged 40
50 and 60 years old who look after their health and go to fitness clubs, and
also for beginners wanting to be fresh and healthy.
BODYVIVE ? helps:
To increase muscle strength and endurance
-Improvement of the heart
-Increase flexibility and range of motion
-Improve agility and balance
-Improve posture
-Losing Weight through increased consumption of calories
-Reducing the risk of bone and joint degenerations
Improvement of general physical condition,
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