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27 Ekim 2011 Perşembe

One on One with Tony Horton Vol.1 Video tutorial - Fitness, Aerobics

One on One with Tony Horton Vol.1
DVD5 | English | Edition: 2008 | 13 DVD by 26-79 mins | 36.3 Gb
Video: DVD video | 720?480 | MPEG2 6000-8000 kb/s | 4:3 | 29.970 fps
Audio: AC3 192 kb/s | 2 ch 48 kHz
Video tutorial - Fitness, Aerobics

Code: One on One brings you up close and personal with Tony Horton as he pushes you to reach ever-higher levels of fitness. You get raw, unfiltered footage right from the source, with no edits, no retakes, and no audience to distract youâ??it's just you and Tony doing all-new, high-intensity workouts.
You'll experience the same intensity as P90X in less time per session. Just rotate these workouts into your P90X schedule for a customized experience, or build up your library of DVDs to create an exciting, cutting-edge training program. With a continual supply of new workouts, you'll never get bored.
Plyo Legs
Your legs will thank you. Get brand-new Plyo Legs moves from Tony Horton that you can't get anywhere else! Let Tony get you airborne!
Power 90 Road Warrior
Tony Horton shows you how to BRING IT, even when you're on the road.
Killer Abs
Who ordered a six-pack? Tony Horton has the most extreme workout to get you the ripped, washboard abs of your dreams.
Just Arms
Which way to the gun show? Biceps, triceps, delts . . . Tony Horton's the candidate to protect your right to bare arms!
The score's 30-15, but there's no love and this ain't no tennis match. 30 push-ups, and then 15 pull-ups. 12 rounds. Can you hang with Tony?
Fountain of Youth
Yoga IS the fountain of youth, and now you can get your yoga onâ??Tony Horton style!
Super Cardio
Get ready to MOVE! Tony Horton has the lung-crushing cardio workout to get you in the best shape of your life.
Mammoth UML
Hit the slopes with Tony Horton as he gives you an Upper-Middle-Lower workout to get you in ski-season shape!
Bun Shaper
Tony has the moves to juice your caboose. Get your buns in gear with Bun Shaper.
Medicine Ball Core Cardio
Get ready to take your medicine with Tony Horton with this hard-core cardio workout. You'll have a ball!
Recovery 4 Results
Every effective workout schedule mandates recovery sessions. But Tony takes even recovery to the extremeâ??so you can crush it another day!
Diamond Delts
Muscular shoulders are sexy on both men and women. Get your Diamond Delts here, because those diamonds will be your best friends.
Bonus Disk Holiday Workout

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Get Disc_2_-_Power_90_Road_Warrior.part01.rar on
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Get Disc_2_-_Power_90_Road_Warrior.part03.rar on
Get Disc_2_-_Power_90_Road_Warrior.part04.rar on
Get Disc_2_-_Power_90_Road_Warrior.part05.rar on
Get Disc_2_-_Power_90_Road_Warrior.part06.rar on
Get Disc_2_-_Power_90_Road_Warrior.part07.rar on
Get Disc_2_-_Power_90_Road_Warrior.part08.rar on
Get Disc_2_-_Power_90_Road_Warrior.part09.rar on
Get Disc_2_-_Power_90_Road_Warrior.part10.rar on
Get Disc_3_-_Killer_Abs.part1.rar on
Get Disc_3_-_Killer_Abs.part2.rar on
Get Disc_3_-_Killer_Abs.part3.rar on
Get Disc_3_-_Killer_Abs.part4.rar on
Get Disc_3_-_Killer_Abs.part5.rar on
Get Disc_4_-_Just_Arms.part1.rar on
Get Disc_4_-_Just_Arms.part2.rar on
Get Disc_4_-_Just_Arms.part3.rar on
Get Disc_4_-_Just_Arms.part4.rar on
Get Disc_4_-_Just_Arms.part5.rar on
Get Disc_4_-_Just_Arms.part6.rar on
Get Disc_5_-_30-15.part01.rar on
Get Disc_5_-_30-15.part02.rar on
Get Disc_5_-_30-15.part03.rar on
Get Disc_5_-_30-15.part04.rar on
Get Disc_5_-_30-15.part05.rar on
Get Disc_5_-_30-15.part06.rar on
Get Disc_5_-_30-15.part07.rar on
Get Disc_5_-_30-15.part08.rar on
Get Disc_5_-_30-15.part09.rar on
Get Disc_5_-_30-15.part10.rar on
Get Disc_6_-_Fountain_of_Youth_Yoga.part1.rar on
Get Disc_6_-_Fountain_of_Youth_Yoga.part2.rar on
Get Disc_6_-_Fountain_of_Youth_Yoga.part3.rar on
Get Disc_6_-_Fountain_of_Youth_Yoga.part4.rar on
Get Disc_6_-_Fountain_of_Youth_Yoga.part5.rar on
Get Disc_6_-_Fountain_of_Youth_Yoga.part6.rar on
Get Disc_6_-_Fountain_of_Youth_Yoga.part7.rar on
Get Disc_6_-_Fountain_of_Youth_Yoga.part8.rar on
Get Disc_6_-_Fountain_of_Youth_Yoga.part9.rar on
Get Disc_7_-_Super_Cardio.part1.rar on
Get Disc_7_-_Super_Cardio.part2.rar on
Get Disc_7_-_Super_Cardio.part3.rar on
Get Disc_7_-_Super_Cardio.part4.rar on
Get Disc_7_-_Super_Cardio.part5.rar on
Get Disc_7_-_Super_Cardio.part6.rar on
Get Disc_7_-_Super_Cardio.part7.rar on
Get Disc_7_-_Super_Cardio.part8.rar on
Get Disc_8_-_Mammoth_UML.part01.rar on
Get Disc_8_-_Mammoth_UML.part02.rar on
Get Disc_8_-_Mammoth_UML.part03.rar on
Get Disc_8_-_Mammoth_UML.part04.rar on
Get Disc_8_-_Mammoth_UML.part05.rar on
Get Disc_8_-_Mammoth_UML.part06.rar on
Get Disc_8_-_Mammoth_UML.part07.rar on
Get Disc_8_-_Mammoth_UML.part08.rar on
Get Disc_8_-_Mammoth_UML.part09.rar on
Get Disc_8_-_Mammoth_UML.part10.rar on
Get Disc_8_-_Mammoth_UML.part11.rar on
Get Disc_9_-_Bun_Shaper.part01.rar on
Get Disc_9_-_Bun_Shaper.part02.rar on
Get Disc_9_-_Bun_Shaper.part03.rar on
Get Disc_9_-_Bun_Shaper.part04.rar on
Get Disc_9_-_Bun_Shaper.part05.rar on
Get Disc_9_-_Bun_Shaper.part06.rar on
Get Disc_9_-_Bun_Shaper.part07.rar on
Get Disc_9_-_Bun_Shaper.part08.rar on
Get Disc_9_-_Bun_Shaper.part09.rar on
Get Disc_10_-_Medicine_Ball_Core_Cardio.part1.rar on
Get Disc_10_-_Medicine_Ball_Core_Cardio.part2.rar on
Get Disc_10_-_Medicine_Ball_Core_Cardio.part3.rar on
Get Disc_10_-_Medicine_Ball_Core_Cardio.part4.rar on
Get Disc_10_-_Medicine_Ball_Core_Cardio.part5.rar on
Get Disc_10_-_Medicine_Ball_Core_Cardio.part6.rar on
Get Disc_10_-_Medicine_Ball_Core_Cardio.part7.rar on
Get Disc_11_-_Recovery_4_Results.part1.rar on
Get Disc_11_-_Recovery_4_Results.part2.rar on
Get Disc_11_-_Recovery_4_Results.part3.rar on
Get Disc_11_-_Recovery_4_Results.part4.rar on
Get Disc_11_-_Recovery_4_Results.part5.rar on
Get Disc_11_-_Recovery_4_Results.part6.rar on
Get Disc_11_-_Recovery_4_Results.part7.rar on
Get Disc_11_-_Recovery_4_Results.part8.rar on
Get Disc_12_-_Diamond_Delts.part1.rar on
Get Disc_12_-_Diamond_Delts.part2.rar on
Get Disc_12_-_Diamond_Delts.part3.rar on
Get Disc_12_-_Diamond_Delts.part4.rar on
Get Disc_12_-_Diamond_Delts.part5.rar on
Get Disc_12_-_Diamond_Delts.part6.rar on
Get Disc_12_-_Diamond_Delts.part7.rar on
Get Bonus_Disk_Holiday_Workout.part1.rar on
Get Bonus_Disk_Holiday_Workout.part2.rar on
Get Bonus_Disk_Holiday_Workout.part3.rar on
Get Bonus_Disk_Holiday_Workout.part4.rar on
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